Monday, December 11, 2017

WALTON WWM-S70F & WWM-S80F Washing Machine Price, Features

walton washing machine price

WALTON "WWM-S70F" and "WWM-S80F" automatic Washing Machine provides a variety of options to program the wash according to your needs. Equipped with smart features including wrinkle free wash, Hygiene Care, incredible stain wash built in heater and much more. The WWM S80F also has inverter motor technology that provides less noise & vibration, giving you the proper satisfaction.

Model: WWM-S70F ~ Price: 34,000 BDT
Model: WWM-S80F ~ Price: 45,000 BDT

Key Features washing machine

    Rust free intelligent drum.

  • Economical quick wash.

  • Elegant wrinkle free wash.
  • User friendly Automatic touch control panel.

  • Energy Efficient Washing machine including water saving.

  • High Efficient Washing with 3D motion in every wash program.

  • Hygiene Care for baby cloths.

  • Balancing Drum Condition.

  • 12 automatic & new convenient programs with variable spin speed & temperature..

  • Better wash with better durability.

  • Less noise & vibration due to inverter motor technology.

  • Exterior dimension & stylish design.

  • Fully auto

  • restart technology after any sudden power failure.

  • Incredible stain wash with built in heater.

  • Error message indication and alarm system.

  • Automatic door lock function during wash program.

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