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Dyson 360 Heurist: review of a unique vacuuming robot



“Its small size and its appearance catches the eye. Being a good product, we expected more for the price.”


  • Suction power
  • Different design
  • Premium materials
  • Size small
  • Ease of cleaning


  • Too much height
  • Spend a lot of time vacuuming
  • Low autonomy for its price
  • Price

The British brand Dyson is a benchmark in the world of vacuum cleaners with its powerful cyclonic suction technology. The second generation of its self-contained vacuum cleaner robot, the Dyson 360 Heurist, brings together the company’s expertise in this area and in motors and navigation systems. The result: their best product of its kind yet. It’s a different high-end proposition to most other vacuum cleaners on the market.

Worthy of the Star Wars universe

The first thing that catches your eye when you take it out of the box is its size. With a circular shape and dimensions of 24.2 x 12 x 23 cm (9.5 x 4.7 x 9 inches) it is much smaller compared to others. However, it is also much taller. These measurements allow you to vacuum in areas and gaps that others cannot. But that height can prevent you from cleaning under furniture, as we have found in our tests.

yson 360 Heurist deposito

Its appearance is not like that of its competitors either, but maintains the Dyson aesthetic and seems to be taken from a film from the Star Wars universe. It combines a blue plastic body with a clear plastic tank and base, red, grey and black details and a copper-coloured navigation camera at the top right in the middle. With this unique look, when you start up, you could pass for a companion or the mascot of the adorable C-3PO and R2-D2. All materials look very high quality.

The powder tank has a capacity of 335 ml, slightly less than usual for these machines, although it should not be completely filled, it must be emptied when it reaches the mark that puts Max. If you use the robot almost every day, even though it is small, the size of this container is not a problem. A big advantage is that it can be easily removed, emptied and replaced.

yson 360 Heurist

In addition to the camera surrounded by eight LED lights, the power button is located at the top along with several indicator lights, such as battery level, wifi, returning to the charging station. A ring of light surrounds this area and when it lights up in blue it is cleaning. When it is orange it means that a problem has occurred (brush blockage, crawler wheel blockage, duct obstruction).

Navigation not convincing

The robot is moved by means of small rubber track wheels (like those on a tank). To activate the vacuum, simply press the power button or remotely from the Dyson Link app. From this app, you can choose from three power levels: quiet (it’s not quiet, but it’s the quietest of the three as it’s the least powerful), high and maximum power. The more powerful it is, the more noise it makes and the more it uses up the battery.

yson 360 Heurist deposito

This model moves in an orderly pattern and no area is left unwashed. However, it does not move like others that start at the perimeter and then continue inside. So don’t be surprised if it doesn’t clean room by room: sometimes it enters one and only goes through the entrance area and then goes to another.

This way of going around the rooms adds to the vacuuming time, i.e. it takes longer to vacuum than other vacuuming robots. For example, the latest model we have analyzed above, Roborock S6 Pure, is capable of cleaning an area of 77 square meters in 80 minutes and it has vacuumed 46 square meters in 77 minutes (in silent mode). This can be an inconvenience if you are at home while cleaning because it may not complete the vacuuming and you may have to go back out again to finish it. If you are not at home while cleaning, then you may not mind if it takes longer and you have to go back out after loading to finish the vacuuming.

yson 360 Heurist base

According to our tests, the less powerful and quieter mode is more than sufficient for daily use. This model does not have the carpet detection function, which increases the suction power automatically when a carpet is detected. What it does allow is to configure, through the app, the automatic activation of a higher power in certain areas or rooms. It also allows you to restrict the number of areas that can be passed through.

Zone cleaning

Unlike other robots that make a plan of the house while they vacuum, to be able to clean up by zones, the Dyson 360 Heurist must first create a map (while it’s making it, the vacuum isn’t activated). The result is a very accurate map.

evision dyson 360 heurist screenshot 4

yson 360 Heurist screenshot

To delimit the rooms, it is necessary to place different dividing lines on the map through the app. You can then assign each zone a name and then set a suction power for each one.

The vacuuming robot application contains a lot of practical information and videos to get to know, use and maintain the robot. Through it, schedules are programmed and the data of the last two aspirated are accessed. When you are cleaning, in the app it is possible to see the areas you have vacuumed but not to follow the course of the robot in real time on the map.

Autonomy: not one of the best

The second generation of the Dyson vacuum robot offers 75 minutes of runtime on a single load, depending on the opening. In our tests, in the silent mode, sometimes it has reached 77 minutes and sometimes it has stayed at 70 minutes. That’s why you’ve always needed to go out three times to complete the cleaning. In between the three departures he has returned alone to the charging station. In the app it counts as a complete cleaning from the time it is activated until it is finished, i.e. it includes the time of the two battery charges. So in our tests, a complete cleanup takes almost seven hours. The battery charge time has ranged from 95 minutes to 98 minutes.


The Dyson 360 Heurist vacuum cleaner robot has excellent vacuuming power, as you would expect from this brand. Priced at ?999 ($1,499 in the US), the quality of the materials is striking and the futuristic design is very original. Its smaller size allows you to access small areas, but its greater height may prevent you from cleaning under some furniture. Emptying the dust deposit and cleaning the brush and the two filters are simple tasks.

yson 360 Heurist deposito

Although he excels at suction, his navigation system makes him spend too much time vacuuming, according to our analysis. No area is left uncleaned, but it takes much longer than other robots that cost half as much as this one, for example, Roborock S6 Pure and Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 920. This is not a problem in small spaces or if you are not at home while the robot is working. But if you’re at home, you may find it annoying that you have to go out two or three times to vacuum it all up.

Its autonomy with a single charge, of about 75 minutes, is short for large spaces, and for its price it should be among the best (some already reach 120 minutes). However, it charges in a short time, an average of 90 minutes, which is much less than others that range from 3 to 6 hours.

With a similar price, it rivals the Roomba i7, which is more similar to others in the design market. For half the money (and less) than Dyson’s, you can find models that aim high in much less time.


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