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Google Authenticator finally lets you migrate accounts to another mobile phone (AP)



Google Authenticator users will be able to export accounts saved in the two-step verification code manager (2FA) more easily thanks to the new version of the Android app (5.10). The update, which includes a migration tool in the app, also brings changes and new visuals, such as the dark mode.

This is the first Google Authenticator update for Android since 2017. Version 5.10 allows app users to take their accounts to other devices with simplicity through a feature that imports and exports accounts stored in the service.

The entire migration process is simple. After selecting the accounts to be exported, the tool will generate a QR Code, which must be scanned by the device that will receive the information. Then, the Google Authenticator information will be forwarded to the new smartphone.

The update further enhances the look of the application. In addition to the dark mode, Google Authenticator has finally adhered to the standards of Material Design, as in other Google tools.

The update is being gradually released on Google Play Store (, and for now, is only available for Android.

The iPhone app (iOS) has not been updated as yet.

With information: Android Police and The Verge


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