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How Google Changed Android 11 Release Schedule



Google has released a new release schedule for Android 11. The release of beta versions has been delayed, i.e. has been “delayed” from what was previously released. About the release date of the final version, it may or may not undergo changes, but since the company never had a specific date to release the system annually, it means that it can be relaxed without any major surprises.

At the beginning of Android 11 development, Google had planned the release cycle as in the image below:

Fonte: Google/Reprodução  Android Central 

The preview for developers had three releases: February, March and April. At this stage, the focus is to finalize APIs for the creation of third-party applications. Later, there were three beta releases: May, June and early third quarter. These versions bring more features that can be tested by end users.

The final version would be released in the third quarter, possibly at the end of September.

In the new schedule, the preview versions will have four releases: February, March, April and May.

Fonte: Google/Reprodução Android Central 

Beta versions don’t start to be released until June, and extend throughout the third quarter, until the OS reaches the final version in the same period.

It wasn’t clear why Google made the change in the Android 11 schedule. Maybe the covid-19 pandemic delayed the development of the system by a few weeks. In any case, the final version of the software shouldn’t go beyond the end of the third quarter, nor cause delays in the release of Pixel 5.


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