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JBL Tune 220: true wireless headset review and feedback



“With quality materials and sound backed by a specialist audio manufacturer, this model fits comfortably but has some shortcomings.”

Despite their unusual shape, the earphones (headphones) inspired by Apple’s first AirPods have proven to be comfortable and many other brands are relying on them. Some, with models that are almost exact copies, among them Buds Air de realme; others, with their own personality, such as the JBL Tune 220 TWS, one of the firms of Harman (Samsung) specialized in audio. We have analyzed the latter and we have fallen in love with their appearance, but we are not only looking for a careful aesthetic in a wireless headset (in this case true wireless).


The size of each headset is similar to that of the original and second generation AirPods. Compared to these, the one that is much thicker and a little longer is the extension that protrudes from the ear, something that is not noticeable in the weight. The JBL Tune 220 earphones are lightweight and fit comfortably in your ears. This protrusion is more likely to be bulky because it has an integrated button on top for controlling music playback, calls and voice assist.

jbl tune auriculares caja

With a mixture of matt and glossy pink plastic (a strip on the earpiece), it has conquered us by this different youthful tone and, at the same time, because the materials look good. If you are looking for something more discreet, they are also sold in other colours.

The charging case comes with the same soft-touch finish as the headphones, and combines different shades with a shiny metal hinge. It’s sized to fit comfortably in a trouser or shirt pocket. Inside, the three lights located in the holes of both earphones indicate the level of battery charge (when they are turned off, they are already fully charged). And to help keep each headset in place, two dots, one red and one blue, indicate where it should be inserted.

jbl tune

Physical buttons

Unlike other headsets, music playback and call management in this JBL true wireless model is controlled by physical buttons and not by touching, as is the case with others. In our analysis, these buttons have always worked well and we found it to be a system that facilitates control rather than tapping into a tactile area. The volume adjustment, however, is done from the side buttons of the smartphone. You can’t make adjustments through an app.

jbl tune

With one press on the left earphone, you advance to the next song. With two, you go back. Press the right earpiece once to pause the music or answer/end a call, and press it twice to activate Siri, Google Assistant or Bixby.

Audio quality

The JBL Tune 220 TWS excels in sound. Even at full volume, in our tests, the audio is heard clean and undistorted, although you won’t need to turn it up so loud in a noisy environment. This model does not feature integrated noise cancellation, so in noisy environments, such as public transportation, you will most likely need to turn up the volume. When calling, the audio quality is also good, we’ve been listening and we’ve been heard perfectly.

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Depending on the manufacturer, the headphones have a range of three hours on a single charge. In practice, this time is less, according to our tests, in which the battery has endured between two and a half and two hours and 45 minutes. In the case they are fully recharged in approximately 115 minutes. With the charging case, after three hours on a single charge, a further 16 hours are added, says JBL. A small orange cable for charging is included in the box.

jbl tune


The JBL Tune 220 TWS has convinced us in the areas of design, comfortable fit and sound quality. We miss the possibility to adjust the volume from the headset itself because it forces us to take the phone out of the bag. Please note that if you practice sport, they do not have certified waterproofing. For a price of 99.99 euros ($99.95 dollars in the United States) we expected more autonomy on a single charge. If this range is enough for you and your priority is outstanding sound, then you could choose them.


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