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MIUI 12: download ‘Super Wallpapers’ on other brands’ mobile phones



A XDA forum developer was able to adapt the animated wallpapers of MIUI 12, Xiaomi’s newly presented interface, and make them work with more Android phones. According to the launcher, identified as “linuxct”, it is enough to have a smartphone with version 8.0 or higher of the operating system to experience the novelty.

The animated wallpapers of MIUI 12 are called “Super Earth” and “Super Mars”, and include three variants for each of the themes. In both cases, the wallpapers bring animations for the blocking screen, initial and also movements during transitions.

From:  XDA Developers 

The interactive wallpapers can be downloaded through this link (check with VirusTotal before downloading). The two available folders each bring three variants of each wallpaper type. Who wants to download all the content will need approximately 1.5 GB of free space, but each animation can also be downloaded independently, ensuring less storage consumption.

The files follow the APK executable standard and after the installation is completed, the user can find the animated wallpaper in the wallpaper manager of his phone. If the content doesn’t appear there, you can apply it to your smartphone using this Google application.


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