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Realme 6: Revision of a mid-range that’s going strong



“Mixing some high-end specs with a very attractive price makes this phone one of the best for the money.”

For those who are not willing to spend a fortune on a phone, the offer in the middle range is numerous and very competitive. So much so, that there is even an upper-middle range. It is a very wide range and is disputed among manufacturers, even more so with the arrival of Realme in the European market: as Huawei or Xiaomi burst in, the strategy of aggressive pricing always works and this company swept the board in sales in 2019 and was placed seventh in the world and fifth in Spain, according to data from Counterpoint.

And in 2020, it is on its way to maintaining this line, with devices such as Realme 6. Proof of this is that this model, in its 8 GB version (the one we are analyzing here), has already achieved the Amazon’s Choice label in Amazon Spain. This phone, like its brothers Realme 6 Pro and Realme 6i, is gamer-oriented.

Elegance in polycarbonate

Realme 6 is not very original on the back. Like many other phones, it has a reflective finish like glass, but is made of polycarbonate. That doesn’t detract from its elegant appearance when it’s clean, because it attracts a lot of fingerprints. Not that this is a problem either because the box includes a slightly grey transparent gel cover. This partly hides its appearance while keeping it safe from bumps, scratches and dirt.

Unlike most phones, the volume settings on this device are on the left. On this side is also the slot for two SIM cards and a micro-SD memory card. This is convenient for use with two phone lines, for example, work and personal.

The right side is reserved for the fingerprint reader which also functions as a power button. It is a comfortable place that other brands have also chosen, especially Huawei (Nova 5T and P40 Lite).

At the bottom, there is space for a 3.5 mm headphone jack, the USB-C port and a speaker.

The 6.5-inch FHD+ screen (2,400 x 1,080 pixels) with a 90.5 percent ratio is protected by Gorilla Glass. It shows natural colors and good quality. The 90 Hz refresh rate, the same as high-end phones such as the Huawei P40 Pro and P40+, should make it easier for images to flow (from the phone in general and in games in particular, provided the phone supports it). In the comparison with the Realme 6i, we observe that the screen of the Realme 6 is not as bright as the other one, everything looks more off. For this analysis, we had to turn up the brightness to improve the visibility in dark scenes watching video content.

64 megapixels and a macro lens

The Realme 6 camera does not lag behind in number of lenses. It points to the trend of the quadruple camera. A number that adds new creative possibilities, such as macro photography. The main sensor photographs with 64 megapixels and wide angle, ultra wide angle 8 megapixels, a portrait lens and a 2 megapixel macro (4 cm).

In appearance, the camera interface is identical to that of the Oppo Find X2 Pro (both brands belong to the same corporate group, BBK Electronics) and this means that blur can be adjusted for the bokeh effect with a percentage bar and different aesthetic touches in the selfies. In our analysis, from time to time, when you press to take a picture, the button has not responded when you touch the screen. If this happens, the volume button can be used as a trigger.

The Realme 6 cameras take good pictures, with a good quality for its affordable price. In the night mode they are very bright, as is usually the case with other phones, which is effective and results in beautiful but unrealistic photos. The same applies to the other modes, except for the 64 megapixel mode, which captures the most natural colours.

Some high-end features

Although its price is lower than that of mid-high range phones, this model integrates some components that you will see in higher lineage mobiles, although they are not the most advanced ones at the moment, of course. We are referring to the 90 Hz, the 8 GB RAM, the 128 GB memory, the 4,300 mAh battery and the 30 W fast charge. The processor, however, is in its class, with the MediaTek Helio G90T, a chip optimized for gaming.

Among the best in fast charging

To analyze the 4,300 mAh battery life, we have used Netflix continuous playback. And the result is that it has lasted more than 14 hours, a time that is sufficient for long trips, home series marathons and plenty of normal use in a single, even long, working day. And if you run out of battery power, the best part is that its fast charge is really fast: in 22 minutes it’s full up to 50 percent and completely charged in 62 minutes. This speed, for its price, puts it among the best in the mid-range (it’s very similar to the Huawei P40 Lite, according to our tests).

Dual Audio, with Realme UI

Realme 6 comes with the latest version of Google’s operating system for phones, Android 10, and the Realme UI customization layer, which still looks like ColorOS (Oppo’s), but is independent of it. With it you can customize the shape of the icons, among other options. The best thing for us, and we hope other manufacturers will be encouraged by this: the realme Dual Mode Music Share option that gives two people the chance to hear the same song playing on the phone, one with a Bluetooth headset and the other with a wired headset. You can access this function through Settings in the Realme Lab section, and to activate it you must insert the wired headset and then select the wireless headset previously connected to the phone.

In third party apps, very few come with Facebook and Opera the most popular. In tools, the usual ones and FM radio (with the wired headset).


This Realme 6 model competes with a price of 279 euros ($306 dollars). It has a nice design and, due to its size and weight, it is very handy. Its screen looks more dull than others in automatic mode, something that is easily solved by increasing the brightness manually, as we have needed to see some series in scene with low luminosity.

Its camera meets what you’d expect from a mid-range camera and you won’t run out of battery power (for all day at least, it all depends on use). The speed of fast charging is surprising in such an affordable terminal and it’s among the best in this range.

From other manufacturers, for a similar price, you’re up against the Redmi Note 8 Pro, also with a 64 megapixel camera, and the Huawei P40 Lite, with an equally fast charge.


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