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Sonos Sub and Sonos Five, the new wireless speakers from Sonos



Sonos renews its range of speakers and sound bars for 2020 It’s the benchmark for premium wireless speakers, and it just introduced two new models – the third-generation Sonos Sub subwoofer and the Sonos Five wireless speaker.

Sonos Five replaces the current Sonos Play:5, offering more memory and more sound power to receive audio wirelessly without loss, and to broadcast it throughout the room.

Sonos Sub (Gen3) is the new subwoofer designed to boost the bass in movies or music by automatically connecting to the Sonos Five or the new Sonos Arc SoundBar, also introduced today.

The Sonos Hub is a wireless, floor standing subwoofer. Because it doesn’t use wires, it can be placed anywhere (even under your chair), or positioned in a unique location to coordinate with your regular speakers, or the sound bar.

Although the design is the same as the previous generation, it has been renovated inside with a more powerful processor, more memory and a new wireless radio system.

The Sonos Hub has two dedicated drivers to cancel out the vibration force of the bass, capable of moving the speaker, to avoid any distortion.

Sonos Five is a powerful wireless speaker that can be used vertically or horizontally. You can also link two Sonos Five for great stereo audio, and blow up the bass by adding a Sonos Sub.

It has six amplifiers (three woofers and three speakers) in a perfectly sealed enclosure that eliminates reverberation and echo. And it’s compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant for use as a voice-controlled smart speaker, music streaming, and more.

Sonos has earned a reputation for building speakers that deliver great sound quality and great versatility of use thanks to the brand’s modularity philosophy. Let’s find out what each Sonos speaker has to offer.

Both of these new speakers are debuting with the new Sonos S2 application, a major update to the software that controls your speakers, with enhancements such as higher resolution audio support, improved design and more customization, including the option to save groups of rooms with different audio configurations.

You can select different profiles to use depending on the content, or calibrate the loudness of your room with the TruePlay application.

Sonos Sub and Sonos Five are available for booking today on the website. They will be available for purchase worldwide starting June 10th. Sonos Sub is priced at 799 euros, while Sonos Five is priced at 579 euros.


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