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Sony WF-SP800N has noise cancellation and 9-hour battery



If you’re looking for noise-canceling wireless headphones, know that there are new options for this segment: Sony has just announced the WF-SP800N true wireless earphones. With an official price of US$ 199.99, they come with a battery life of up to nine hours and water resistance.

Sony highlights that the WF-SP800N earphones were designed for use during sports activities, hence the IP55 certificate for protection against water and sweat. In addition, each headset comes with a small arc of stability. The component prevents the headset from loosening from the ear during exercise, but if it bothers you it can be removed.

As far as the battery is concerned, Sony talks about up to nine hours of battery life with noise cancellation activated. If this feature is disabled, the battery life increases to up to 13 hours. A quick recharging mode ensures one-hour playback with only 10 minutes of plug.

An interesting detail related to noise cancellation is in the Headphones Connect application, which was recently updated to allow this mode to be automatically configured according to the user’s location. It is possible to trigger one specific configuration for work and another for your home, for example.

Although this update was revealed along with the announcement of the WF-SP800N headphones, it is also available for other Sony models that support Adaptive Sound Control, such as the WF-1000XM3 headphones.

Speaking of WF-1000XM3, the new WF-SP800N inherits from these the same Bluetooth chip that ensures a more stable connection with the smartphone and other devices.

Integration with Google Wizard and Alexa, “Extra Bass” sound mode and support for ringtones are among the other new features.

In the United States, Sony WF-SP800N headsets are already on sale.

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