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Source code, design documents and all the secrets of the Nintendo Wii console are leaked



Everything points to Nintendo or a company that works for it having suffered some kind of massive hacking or information leak. This weekend, all the design documents and source code for the Wii console and old Pokémon games, as well as a lot of other information, were posted on various Internet forums.

We don’t know if this leak is related to the hacking of 160,000 Nintendo user accounts that happened a few days ago, which the company itself has confirmed.

According to Resetera, a lot of information protected by Nintendo’s copyright was leaked on the 4chan forum. This includes all design documents, documentation and source code for the Wii console, source code and test ROMs for older Pokémon games, various test ROMs for the 3DS console, and keys for all systems up to the DSi.

This Nintendo console is exclusively portable, although it is compatible with its big sister’s entire catalogue of games.

It seems that the leak came from the hacking of the servers by a company called BroadOn, which worked with Nintendo on the development of the Wii hardware and software.

The information leaked is so detailed that it even appears to include the Verilog files. This is a hardware language that allows you to describe each and every circuit and part that make up the console. You could literally build a Wii from scratch using only these Verilog documents.

In addition, demos of the Nintendo 64 and Gamecube that Nintendo used to test the machines during the development phase have been leaked, and were not known until now. There are already several videos on YouTube.

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This is a particularly serious leak, because it exposes all the secrets of developing and operating the Wii console, one of Nintendo’s most successful machines. It is their best-selling home console, with over 100 million units. It went out of production in 2014.

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