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This is how Twitch will deal with the streamers that make fake live feeds



Riot Games’ new game, Valorant, has recently released a closed beta, and to get access to it you have to watch many hours of Twitch channels that broadcast the game, both the Riot official and the streamers, who have access to keys for the beta and can distribute it to their viewers.

This has led, of course, to records of views in Twitch, but also to a rogue (to call it what it is) in the streamers cheat with 24/7 broadcasts and viewers use media to be always connected, even if they are not physically watching.

Although Riot Games warned that the chances of getting a code would decrease exponentially with the number of hours viewed, the warning was vague enough to allow channels that broadcast 24 hours on a false live, re-broadcasting previous games (which devalues the meaning of a platform that is supposed to be about live broadcasts) to flourish.

As a result, Twitch is taking notes on the matter. In this tweet they explain that they’ve heard complaints about creators broadcasting VOD (video on demand, that is, delayed) passing it off as “live” to get more rewards. For that reason, they have changed their rules to prohibit all kinds of cheating that damages the integrity of their “drops” program (the rewards).

This seems to put a bit of a brake on this somewhat paradoxical situation, which has caused discomfort among many Twitch users, as many viewers preferred to connect to these fake live channels 24 hours a day rather than to real live broadcasts.


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