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Unitree A1, the cheap quadruped robot is on sale, would you buy it?



On one side, Boston Dynamics… Once again, Chinese technology is one step ahead. At least in terms of price. The Chinese company Unitree Robotics has just released their new, cheap, four-legged robot at a relatively affordable price. The robot dog of the future?

The company’s previous robot, the Unitree Laikago, cost $45,000. But the new Unitree A1 costs almost five times less. Although he hasn’t given an exact price, Unitree claims it’s worth “less than $10,000”. You may not think it’s cheap, but we’re talking about cutting-edge technology: an autonomous robot that recognizes you, follows you around, runs, goes up and down kerbs and stairs, does tricks, and other features that we’re going to see.

The Unitree A1 is the ideal running partner, because it can move on asphalt, dirt and grass, dodge obstacles and other people, and can follow you wherever you go. But beware of meeting other robot dogs, because it gets like a beast…

Unitree A1 is a quadruped robot (inevitable not to be seen as a headless dog) that has a depth camera to capture the environment in 3D, which serves to avoid obstacles. It is also capable of recording real-time video of everything it sees.

Thanks to the coordinated use of all four legs, he can run at 11 km/h, climb up and down kerbs, and even recover from falls and stumbles, as shown in the video. And it can carry a load of 5 kilos, so you can take your backpack or shopping bag with you when you’re on the road, for example…

It is completely autonomous, and can follow one person and avoid obstacles, ignoring the rest of the people it comes across.

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It also has USB connections to connect the mobile phone, computers, and different peripherals. It has an autonomy of between 1 and 2.5 hours, depending on the terrain it walks on, and the weight it carries.

If you are interested, you can book it on the Unitree Robotics website, for a little more than the cost of a good bike…


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